How One CEO’s Courage Led to Business Growth and Internet Marketing Success


Unless you make all the income you can handle through your website, keep reading this article…

  • You probably get too many leads through your website already. If that is true, stop reading this article.
  • Do you believe your business can’t be effective in targeting qualified leads through search engines unless you are trying to reach a nationwide audience?
  • Do you think that being successful on Google, Yahoo and MSN is just for big businesses with a lot of advertising dollars?

I believe there is nothing more precious in life than time. I also find that there is nothing more important in a successful leader than confidence. Furthermore, I believe having the courage to take action is the most important difference between a business that is successful and gains market share in a down economy versus one that remains fearful to press ahead of their competition. As an entrepreneur, I have made both wise choices and poor ones. However, I can take pride in having been committed to growing and in inspiring my clients to do the same. I pray this story about a leader’s courage inspires you to reach for greater success in your business.

Pat’s Story:

I don’t understand everything about how websites work. SEO is probably the area I least understand. However, I do understand that it works VERY well for us. We have worked with Sharp Innovations for a few years now on SEO, and the site traffic at both of our websites ( & has grown substantially each and every year. Now we get inquiries from prospective business to business customers nearly every day. These prospects find us online because we come up in the first few companies listed when they search for “slip resistant shoe”, “composite toe shoe”, “metatarsal guard shoe”, or any of the other 50 or so key phrases we focus on. One customer found like this… even a small one with 20 employees… means business for 10-20 years to come, if we do the job right. At $60+ per pair of shoes, that’s better than $12,000 in sales over the next 10 years, and we get leads like this many times per month. Obviously, that’s a big payback. The additional retail business we get is simply an added bonus, but that too pays for the advertising and it grows every year.
SEO advertising is not difficult for us to do. With the help of Sharp Innovations’ team, we looked carefully at our customer base and carefully selected keywords where we differentiate ourselves from the competition. Then, we let Ben and the team at Sharp Innovations work behind the scenes to get our name moved up the search results lists through SEO. It has been amazing to see how effective they have been moving us into the top few spots for nearly every keyword we have. I can’t guarantee similar results for anyone else… but I can say that our competition would like to be positioned where we are. They haven’t figured out how to do this… and the team at Sharp Innovations HAS figured it out. That’s why I would recommend them highly for their SEO service. Please remember, it’s the business you get for many years to come that the SEO is paying for… not just the sales you get today. After several years of working with Sharp on SEO, I can clearly say it builds upon itself AND it pays us back probably more than 10 times what we put into it. It is an easy investment.


Patrick Kubis, CEO

Saf-Gard Safety Shoe Co. / SR Max Slip Resistant Shoe Co.

SEO Reporting data from Saf-Gard Safety Shoe Company and SR-Max:

Safgard logo

2004 2005 2006 2007 2008
visitors 14,375 69,534 220,164 305,296 346,590
SE referrals 1,320 20,608 49,025 68,424 100,342

SRMax Logo

2007 2008
visitors 42,123 94,649
SE referrals 23,883 49,039


In closing, I can’t say that stepping out in confidence will guarantee you the same results this CEO experienced. I can promise, however, that if you do nothing, you will lose out on opportunities. I believe this economy is a blessing in disguise and an opportunity to reinvent your business. I encourage you to re-visit how and where you spend your advertising and marketing dollars. If you feel each dollar being spent is performing well, then I wouldn’t change anything. I bet, though, if you are honest as you look at your budget, you will realize dollars are being spent in areas where you can’t quantify your results. If you want to learn more about how Sharp Innovations, Inc. partnered with these companies and effectively managed their search engine optimization programs, please contact me personally.

I help my coaching clients focus on matters like these so they can see their business become more efficient, profitable and scalable, if desired. I also help them achieve better balance professionally and personally so they can see their business truly work to support their life purpose and vision. If you want to find out more about how this could be leveraged in your world, or if you want to discuss a business problem you are facing, feel free to contact me or call me personally at 717-615-2274. You are also welcome to share this article or other resources found on my blog with those you care about. Feel free to contact me if you or an associate would like to join my blog or receive this article as a PDF.

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