What’s Your Story?

The Speed of Love

– Life can tend to fly by so quickly without us realizing it…

– Are you going through the motions in life?

– What if you were giving everything you had in life today?

– What if you reached into the heart of another each day?

– What if you became all you were meant to be?

– Are you willing to step out in faith no matter what?

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The Power of Becoming the Dumbest Person in the Office

-Do you desire to learn how to embrace humility in your work place? 

-Do you desire to build a stronger support team around you?

-Would you like to lead better and be more focused while spending the lion’s share of your time doing what you love?

-Have you struggled to keep up with innovation and changes in your industry and find yourself feeling out-of-touch?

-Have you ever felt intimidated by employees that seemed to know more than you about your industry?

People tend to believe they need to become smarter, more efficient or wealthier to be able to pursue their dreams. I would like to challenge that philosophy. One thing I learned since becoming an entrepreneur in 1999, was that I needed to become the dumbest person in the office. Please allow me to explain.
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What do you do When Your World is Turned Upside down?

Your World Upside Down_200

– We wake up each day full of expectations,

– Expectations that cry out from the desires of our heart,

– From the plans that we have set for our day,

– From the unfilled yearnings that we strive after in life,

– Many times we live our lives with our eyes closed,

– And the worst part about it all is we believe our eyes our open,

– Light at the end of any tunnel could be natural or man made,

– The tunnel could be filled with radiant energy from the sun,

– It could however be filled with brightness from artificial lighting,

– We don’t recognize it until we face the tunnel’s opening,

– Realizing that then we are confronted with a massive question, Continue reading

The Most Powerful Element of the World

– We wake up each day full of our plans and goals for the day,


– May times too consumed to realize the beauty lost,

– In the simplest forms of heart-felt emotion,

– That we failed to release through expressive living,

– Far too many of us believe that tomorrow is the day,

– The day in which we will be caught up better,

– One that will allow us to show others love,

– I truly believe a life well lived is a culmination of many individual days focused on the fullness of showing love,
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