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What is Vision, Really?

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For me, a few things come to mind. First, I think about what I can physically see with my eyes.

I also think about how I have viewed my world and the world at large. It has changed  so drastically in the last decade of my life that it I was moved to share some of what was on my heart with you. I hope you’re encouraged  to reflect as you walk forward (hopefully pursuing your dreams) in life with greater confidence based upon truth and wisdom, not merely eyesight!

Irony Found a Decade Later

I took this picture in 2003 in Sedona, Arizona while on a trip around the western states. I held my glasses up and captured a picture of what I thought it might look like to be an invisible man. That day I took the picture to have fun and try and capture a cool picture. Nearly a decade later, I reflect on that same picture (which is mounted in my kitchen), and see much more.

Perhaps it’s ironic that as I write this post, I find my physical vision weakening for the first time. In the last month or so, I have found that many things in the distance are blurry, especially signs. It is more prevalent at night or when I look at bright signs. Perhaps that is normal for most people at the age of 33. I do not believe the timing is not mere irony. I believe it is providential.

Many times we believe we are more in control of life than we really are. It is easy to take things for granted, like the basic ability to wake up and see clearly each day. As I see that ability lesson, it has reminds me how much I truly am dependent on God for the very essentials in life that allow me to function day to day. It might be very frustrating to deal with going to my upcoming eye doctor’s appointment and potentially having to go through wearing contacts or glasses for the rest of my life. That is one perspective. The better perspective found beyond the knee-jerk emotional reaction is: “What do you want me to see in this all, God?” I see Him giving me a greater understanding of my need for Him in the very basic things in life each day. I am thankful for the reminder as I reflect today on my biggest dreams in life.

Seeing Life Through God’s Eyes

Another area of reflection for me since I captured that picture back in 2003 is the reality of the spiritual realm in our existence. Many people only believe in what they can see. What they can touch, feel and completely explain. That is the physical realm, that none of us can rationally deny. What about the spiritual realm though? Many people believe in a God (or perhaps many gods). Yet I believe these people operate in a way that disregards the reality that a spiritual realm exists in a way that truly impacts their life. Either that, or they don’t understand it and feel like it isn’t worth pursuing because of their lack of knowledge.

The truth is that there is a Creator of the world, and there is a spiritual realm that is active and functioning and existing simultaneously with the physical realm. If one understands that, pursues the origin, and wants to grow in understanding of this reality, then I find the person’s life dramatically changes. It has for me, and I pray that I have only seen a fraction of that reality in my own life as I continue to open myself up more and more to learning new things through the Holy Spirit of God.

If you read Ephesians 6:11-13 and 2 Corinthians 4:17-18 (for our topic today, I find the Amplified version to be the most helpful), I believe you can start to get a very clear picture about the reality of the spiritual realm, what it looks like, and the beauty found in living not merely for what can be seen and understood, but yet for what is unseen and eternal. There is great wisdom in that. Take it from the Creator of all.

On another practical note, I find that a person’s life can evolve into a brighter future if they are willing to see their dreams through God’s eyes. My team at Live with Purpose Coaching is working aggressively with me to complete a follow-up resource to one of our recent books: Running Down Your Dreams. This video and group study guide resource is called Pursuing Your Dreams Through God’s Eyes™. If either resource seems as if it could help you gain further knowledge and help you live life out of your deepest passions while embracing them through God’s eyes, I’d love to share them with you personally. So, what do you think God’s vision for your life moving forward really is?

God bless,


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