Counseling & Spiritual Life Coaching

We are of the mind that in order to care for the holistic direction and purpose of a person, spirituality stands as the cornerstone to true wholeness. We won't be ambiguous or indirect with our terms. "Spirituality" to us means Holy Spirit, along with God the Father and Jesus functioning as the Godhead who directs our lives in a very real way. Our spiritual counseling and personal healing ministry takes aim at spiritual strongholds that can hinder one's relationship with God and negatively affect one's routine. Below is a short list of things that we're typically able to provide in our counseling sessions.

  • Healing and Deliverance from things like depression, bitterness, grief, fear, etc.
  • Focused intercession
  • General spiritual life counsel, insight and biblical teaching
  • Edification through the prophetic
  • Discipleship

Our Counseling Ministry is available every Tuesday or by appointment and our regular office hours are 7:30 AM - 3:30 PM.

Email Us or call us at 717-283-2377

Our Spiritual Advisors

Minister Brenda Green

In the Light Ministries & Freedom Prayer Ministries

There is very little that Brenda Green and her colleagues have not come across and helped with in their years of counseling in the church and the community. Brenda's real life experience and her desire to heal and mend broken hearts and minds have led many to personal transformation. With Jesus Christ firmly positioned as the ‘Giver of Life' in each session, she is both trained to act on many spiritual and ministerial methods for freedom, yet open to the spontaneity of the Holy Spirit. Brenda can work one-on-one with female clients or in tandem with male counselors for sessions involving male clients and couples.

Brenda specializes in:

  • Healing from depression
  • Deliverance from shame & condemnation
  • Behavioral/habit transformation
  • Grief comfort
  • Fear, Stress, & Anxiety relief
  • Overcoming rejection
  • Freedom from the pain of offense