Making dreams a reality

We’re devoted to helping people pursue their dreams while living lives of deeper purpose. Our team is comprised of published authors, internationally recognized life coaches, public speakers, financial specialists, spiritual counselors and experienced business minds who own years of leadership experience in various industries. Our lineup of speakers is ideal for the group coaching or seminar structure and we all remain devoted to locating the strengths and dreams within the hearts of entrepreneurs and thus working to “equip them for the work of the ministry.”

Speaking from Experience

We truly approach the coaching process from a position of rich, practical experience and undeniable passion. Our drive and focus for today’s visionaries and tomorrow’s leaders has gained momentum over the past decade, and our knowledge, expertise and holistic approach to coaching has garnered praise.

We draw extensively from our personal life with the realization of the power of testimony. Our openness and honesty in making relational, spiritual, and personal dreams come true make our lessons insightful and meaningful.

Speaking in Humility

We’re serious about not implementing anything unless we practice it ourselves. We back our passion for helping people by intentionally pursuing the Kingdom in our lives, including sowing financial seeds. 10% of our revenue is sown into the local church and missionaries abroad. We won’t coach groups on a topic that we haven’t mastered or at least practiced ourselves.

You may benefit from our presentation if you are:

  • Searching for purpose in life personally or within the mesh of your workplace/business
  • Trying to figure out how to channel your passion into productivity
  • Looking to create, manage and delegate better within your business
  • Searching for the strength and courage needed to overcome setbacks and make your dreams become reality
  • Trying to discover your unique abilities and spiritual gifts
  • Looking to transform your life into one of deeper meaning and purpose
  • Desiring a powerful group coaching dynamic for your office, retreat or conference

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