India Team

"I am getting in my own way of success" candidly admitted a CEO.

Growth is on everyone's mind. Yet, when I ask Entrepreneurs, CEOs & Business leaders what it is that prevents them from being highly successful they reply: "opportunities are plenty & we have also seen an initial degree of success, BUT next level progress is only possible if we can learn to break past our limitations, past experiences & failures." It's no wonder the CEOs tenure is becoming shorter and shorter. Start-ups are plenty but successes are very few.

Starting a business with a humble 200 and taking it to 2.5 Million during a terrible recession was exciting. Consulting a Billion Dollar Corporation with 45,000 employees across 45 countries was a wonderful experience. In between the two, there were plenty of successes & yet still some battle scars. This made a difference to the CEOs and their companies that I consult.

It's also amazing to see how divine appointments are set. We were looking to work with like-minded CEO Coaches, entrepreneurs & business leaders to constantly add value to our clients and to make a bigger impact on the Kingdom. In June 2013, it was heartening to hear Joseph Sharp from "Live with Purpose Coaching" speak on "breaking the spirit of poverty" and "unlocking & living your dreams" in India. Personally, it was a confirmation for what we were burdened to do. The heart & the vision that we shared was not a mere coincidence.

It is therefore an honor and privilege to be working with Joseph Sharp & his team at "Live with Purpose Coaching." To connect and learn more about my adventures, please visit

Bless You,
Ronald Raj, Director - Live with Purpose Coaching / India