8 Kingdom Entrepreneur Top Characteristics

clouds As I look back over the years since I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and savior on 11/25/04, I am thankful for all that God has revealed to me about following the leading of the Holy Spirit. He has taught me the distinct differences found within a Kingdom Entrepreneur as you compare them to other types of entrepreneurs (not limited to) such as: Survival, Achievement and Lifestyle Entrepreneurs. If you want greater teaching on that please contact your Live with Purpose Coach and asked for our resource called – “The Path of the Kingdom Entrepreneur ™”. As you search your heart and reflect on how you operate currently as a non-profit / ministry leader or an entrepreneur, I pray this list would inspire you to walk in the fullness of the divine empowerment and freedom that Christ has made available to you!

May God bless you richly as you obediently serve the world…


The office of the Kingdom Entrepreneur is a sacred charge. These individuals have been blessed with an advanced life purpose that is focused on holiness. It is many times an evolution from that of the Lifestyle Entrepreneur, or perhaps even the Achievement Entrepreneur. The big difference is that the other two might bring forth fulfillment, at least in terms of being an entrepreneur, but the Kingdom Entrepreneur has something very precious and unique.

They also have true contentment and the deepest lasting life purpose that drives a leader’s heart, soul and spirit to finish well in life. They focus primarily on living a life legacy and find their ultimate purpose anchored in pleasing God. The Path of the Kingdom Entrepreneur isn’t for everyone; it is only for those who desire to live bold, radical lives for the glory of God. They understand and believe that God can do something in them bigger than they could ever plan or fashion. They understand, though, that an entrepreneur plans their ways in life to a degree, but that ultimately God directs each business-minded step.

  1. They desire to continue to be increasingly generous until they die. Giving in any fashion excites them, and they are eager to grow in this blessing mentality.
  2. They desire obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit above all things (including their own desires). They are willing to lay anything down because they truly desire God’s will to be done through their life.
  3. They desire to lead organizations and mentor the people associated with them toward the higher purpose(s) that God has planned for their lives. They invest into them spiritual, relationally, physically, emotionally, financially and intellectually.
  4. They desire to create increasing value in the marketplace or through their career path that is squarely focused on advancing the Kingdom of God. They honor God vs. fearing man.
  5. As they age and life continues for them they continue to invest in people more, not less. They desire to leave a legacy that brings God glory.
  6. They desire to train, equip and raise up leaders within their organizations to manage self-managing organizations and are willing to put their money where their mouth is in regards to compensation and/or ownership.
  7. They understand that each season of their life is a part of an evolution as God grows them, stretches then and reveals more to them. They desire to obediently walk through season to season trusting the leading of the Holy Spirit no matter what is required of them to do so.
  8. They understand they never have been in control or in charge of anything. They are merely a steward of organization(s) that God has entrusted to them, and they have no problem being the #2 as they consistently seek discernment for the Holy Spirit’s direction.