The “Spirit” of Christmas

christmas balls What is this “spirit” of Christmas everyone talks about? It’s a mystical creature that makes its entrance from black Friday (or before) until approximately January 6, and it compels us to put up lights, decorate trees, and stress ourselves out baking cookies and buying gifts. It’s this notion that colorful twinkling lights, carols, snow, turkey and ham, presents and parties can take our worries, disappointments and hurts away.  We fall into the trap of giving more value to things rather than people, and many times we find ourselves dishonoring God by shopping on credit instead of trusting in Christ. It helps us be nice to others and utter phrases like “Merry Christmas”, “Happy Holidays” and “Joy to the World” only for a short period of time, but after the year ends, it turns into a spirit of dread, emptiness and regret that amplifies the cold, dark and short days of winter, plaguing many with the “blues” and “cabin fever”.

But my prayer, my hope and wish for all of us, from now until forever, is to be filled CHRIST’S HOLY SPIRIT 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.  For all of us to stop waiting until Christmas to bless someone with a present, a card or a phone call. To stop wasting time waiting to feel the Christmas “spirit” to forgive a hurt, to mend a broken relationship or reconcile with an estranged family member.  When the Holy Spirit lives in us, God’s grace is activated, and we are able to be kind to our families, bosses, coworkers, neighbors and classmates all the time. We gift love, forgiveness and patience all year long, even when they don’t deserve it. We decorate our minds and hearts with godly thoughts and our lips with gentle words, rather than empty flattery and hypocrisy. Our joy becomes a twinkling light in this dark world, and our peace the strength the weak, bitter and resentful are starving for.

So, please keep CHRIST and His Spirit in your heart and not only at CHRISTmas.

Gina Paredes Gina Paredes – Communications & Spiritual Life Counsel