The 90 Day Discipleship Challenge – Work out your body & your spirit

Are you looking to get in shape, physically and spiritually? Are you looking to increase your ability to disciple or be discipled? We’ve developed just the thing with our newest tool system, fashioned to provide an outlet for spiritual and physical training. It’s called the 90 Day Discipleship Challenge and it was recently created by our founder, Joseph W. Sharp. Aimed at provoking holistic discipline, both in the area of spiritual and physical growth, this three month challenge will leave you famished for still more of His presence and for a hearty meal to fuel your next workout!


Challenge Categories- Because we are all triune beings, made up of body, soul and spirit, each 1/3 of our very being needs to be cultivated in accordance with He who created us. This tool system grooms each facet of the triune human make-up, leaving no compartment untouched in this three month journey. Straining toward the goal, whether it’s your hamstrings or heartstrings becomes the name of the game!

The Basics – Just like your old grade school curriculum, the 90 Day Discipleship course comes with certain core classes. These core subjects are known as “musts” in our syllabus and they involve bodily tasks like daily workout regimens and fasting and spiritual components like scripture reading and sharing your testimony with a friend or a stranger.

¬†Electives – Just like music or art would complement an essential course like math or reading, our “electives” complement our “musts” in this 90 Day excursion. The elective is not necessarily less important than the must-do assignments but rather serve as complementary pieces to a three month period devoted to intentionality and self discipline. Some electives include completing one of our Spirit Led Action coaching tools, journaling daily for at least 10 minutes or committing an hour plus to prayer time in complete solitude.


The ultimate checklist

The Checklist – Who doesn’t appreciate a checklist? Arguably nothing offers personal accountability better than a complete or incomplete to-do list. As a part of this tool, as elementary as it may seem, we offer you a checklist to effectually track what you accomplished and what you didn’t. Throughout the journey you’re accountable to your buddy if you have unchecked boxes!

Suggestions – We’d advise that you team up with at least one person as you work through the 90 Day Discipleship Challenge. Accountability is of the utmost importance. If you don’t have anyone to check in with about how you’re doing, chances are you’re going to end up cheating yourself and coming up short of the goal. Choose one or more accountability buddy(s) and fully commit to excellence for three months; body, soul and spirit! We also suggest reading from the same book of the bible, like Proverbs, for your monthly scriptural readings. This allows for contextual clarity as opposed to jumping around and picking/choosing segments to read. A book like Proverbs with its 31 chapters is a natural fit to read one chapter per day for the entire month.

If you’re interested in the 90-Day Discipleship Challenge or if you’d like to explore how we can help you through a coaching relationship, feel free to reach out to us for more info or for a free coaching consultation!

Joe D’Orsie – Communications & Spiritual Life Counsel