Book Giveaway – Danny Silk’s New Release: Foundations of Honor

41hNFevykeL._AC_UL320_SR222,320_ We’ve been asked by renowned Pastor & Author, Danny Silk, to review his new release ‘Foundations of Honor Study Guide – Building a Powerful Community.’

We’re obliged to do just that and we’ll look to post our findings and assessment as soon as we can (the book/DVD set just arrived so we’ll need some time to read, consider & write).

Not only that, but we’ll to be giving away a copy of Foundations of Honor through our website. All you have to do is complete the short web form HERE so we know who you are, and if you’re name is drawn at the end of the sweepstakes, the book/DVD suite is yours!

The Sweepstakes expire the first day of Spring – March 20th

Note: We reviewed Danny’s “Culture of Honor” last year.

Here is a synopsis of  from Danny’s new release 

For years, Danny Silk has been teaching, writing, speaking, and coaching on honor and how to express it in our families, churches, organizations, and communities. And for years, he has received the same feedback and questions around this powerful, challenging, and frequently misunderstood and misapplied concept, such as:

  • “You say that people of honor must be powerful, but to a lot of people, ‘powerful’ means dominating and selfish. What does it mean to be powerful?”
  • “If respecting our freedom and the freedom of others is crucial to practicing honor, what do we do when people cannot handle their freedom?”
  • “We tried to honorably confront someone, and the person refused to ‘clean up his mess.’ What do we do now?”
  • “I really don’t like confrontation. Doesn’t honor mean we should get along without conflict?”
  • “If we’re all trying to honor one another equally, does that mean there shouldn’t be any leaders?”
  • “Why does ‘honor’ always seem to turn into ‘entitlement’?”

The Foundations of Honor Study Guide addresses these questions and more through a comprehensive study of the core values, practices, and cultural effects of honor. Clear biblical teaching and illustrations, along with provoking questions and targeted action points, equip and train readers to examine their own foundations and build a solid foundation of honor in their lives, homes, businesses, churches, and communities.

The Foundations of Honor Study Guide is designed to work with the Foundations of Honor Teaching Series as a 10-session course suitable for both individuals and groups. (from

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