Every Season in Life Has a Reason!

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If you said “yes” to any of the above questions keep reading …

  • Are you going through a difficult season of your life?

  • Are you going through an exciting new turn in life right now?
  • Are you wondering where to go from here, and what your next step in life is?
  • Do you desire to learn how to better embrace the twists and turns in your life?

Each of us go through many seasons throughout our lives on this planet. I don’t simply mean the four seasons that many people might witness like I do here in my home of Pennsylvania, where I am fortunate to see four distinct seasons each year. Yes, that is a part of the seasons in our life for sure. However, the message I seek to share today goes deeper than that. It goes into the personal, intimate corridors that your footsteps uniquely take in life my friend.

I am talking about the defining times in life. Times where we are faced with the gut wrenching moments that have us staring at the casket of a loved one. We draw near as we search for answers as to why they are gone. Perhaps it is a loss of a job or career thrown into turmoil in a failing economy after years or perhaps decades of success. Maybe it is a major illness you or a loved one is facing that seemed to come out of the blue and knock you off your feet like a tidal wave against a the little row boat that is your life. Many are facing marriage difficulty and divorce in this broken world, and feel as if they can’t even count on those they thought they always could. Amidst the storms in our life, there is a voice of encouragement in a principal that you can apply as you approach each and every season in your life!

Embracing a Life of Learning

The principal I seek to share is simply this: embrace your life as a opportunity of lifelong learning! If you do this, you can go beyond the glass is half empty analogy. You can transform that concept and have the ability each day to see your life as full and overflowing, no matter what you are facing. God desires us to have life and have it to the full (John 10:7-11).

I know that losing a loved one, losing a job, having a failing business, facing unexpected illness, dealing with a unexpectedly, broken or lost romantic relationship or a failing marriage are immensely, personal pains. So often, these pains are tough to put into words that could truly measure the profound affect they have had on our lives. Many times the affect is life altering. The opportunity that you can embrace is in truly walking through each of those seasons in life and looking to process life through God’s eyes and ears. What does he desire for you to see now? What does he desire for you to hear now that you are missing? What does he desperately desire for you to learn now through this specific season you face? Each season of life is a teacher, and it can be truly embraced by those that approach life as a lifelong learner.

Why Does God Allow Bad Things to Happen in Our Seasons?

This is a great and seemingly elusive question the world has asked throughout all generations. We will continue to ponder it as we go through our days, and each season we face in our lives. There is a big difference in God allowing bad things to happen and God creating devastation on the planet. Tragedies like the earthquake in Haiti, 911, or Hurricane Katrina prompt the world to ask this very question. There is a difference in God permitting tragedy to happen and him bringing it on the world. His love is able to bring good from all bad (Romans 8:28) in our life, and he doesn’t make mistakes.

Each day dangers affect all areas of life: physical, intellectual, moral, spiritual, social, and ecological. We live in a world full of unsafe people, places and things. We have good reasons to be concerned about our personal, local, national and international security. But God does not guarantee safety from harm in this life. Sometimes He chooses to intervene and sometimes he does not. When God allows suffering, it is an opportunity to trust Him and to turn our focus toward an external perspective in life that goes beyond simply what we can see today. When our fellow-humans suffer, it offers an occasion for helping those in need. Major life disasters can bring a nation or world together in ways that nothing else could. When thousands suffer from homelessness, disease and death as a result of hurricanes and other disasters, we can’t just say, “Oh well, that’s life in the world we live in.” Compassion requires more from us. Whatever we conclude about God’s involvement in the bad weather, scripture never depicts God as helplessly watching events beyond His control.

God is absolutely sovereign. Yet God’s control is never presented in a way that diminishes human responsibility. You are rowing the boat my friend in this very season of your life, even though you didn’t create the river or the boat. You still have power to face the currents with resolve to learn and grow stronger as you continue on in your journey. The choice to continue rowing each day is yours alone to make, and I encourage you to embrace that reality with a sense of empowerment and willingness to grow through any season of life you face!

Reference for Expanded Article on this topic from Pastor, Steve Cornell of Millersville Bible Church:


What Does Art Have With Seasons in My Life?

God never said life would be easy, but he said he would see us through the storms. His love will comfort you even when all hope seems gone in your life if you truly seek him in the depths of your heart. God can offer you all the strength you ever need. I truly believe we are all symbolic rocks or lumps of clay waiting to be perfected. As we face the conditions in life God graciously molds us like a master potter on his wheel or masterfully chisels away on the rock that we are, to form us into a beautiful master piece. He does this by taking us through the very seasons of our lives as he molds, refines and teaches us. Both blessing and pain are seen by all humans, there are no exceptions. We can however embrace each season for all the wisdom/beauty they possess and encourage others to do the same. Don’t settle for a life of going through the motions as you go through each season. Don’t let fear hold you back from walking into and embracing each new season in your life! Soak up the wisdom that is found in both the blessings and pain in each season by applying the lessons to your future. Be open to each new door that is uniquely opened for you and calling your name to walk through it. The ones that are crying out to you to leave your mark of legacy on them! Every season has a reason for you my friend!

What new season in life do you feel God might be preparing you for that is trapped in your heart right now?

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