Leading Your Heart


– The world wants us to believe that we have a new way to fulfill the desires of our heart,

– I watch the passionate pursuit in the eyes and the actions of so many singles,

– Marching on like soldiers going into a battle that they believe in fighting for,

– Men and women in nobility wearing their hearts on their sleeves believing that an aura of honor surrounds them,

– Love certainly is not a fight, but I heard a wise man say it is worth fighting for,

– They follow their hearts in the name of love doing what seems best in the moment,

– This powerful gift and force is something seemingly so rarely found, and so desperately desired,

– That they go all in like a surprising poker professional daring those around them,

– To find that many times that person they are interested in will match them and call their bluff,

– Blinded by the intoxication that consumes them through their rose colored glasses,

– Their heart becomes bound to another through emotional and physical bonds of whimsical, silver chords,

– As time continues on they pull harder on us,

– So many times I see our soldiers of love fall,

– Only to see the painful burns of the silver chords remain,

– Lingering as reminders of their battle led by following their heart,

– God has a plan for us my friends and it is open for our acceptance each day,

– Through friendship and genuine fellowship we are able to submit to His leadership as we should,

– If we patiently wait and enjoy the blessing of each day He gives us together to really learn about others,

– We honor Him by trusting that His ways are far greater than our ways as He has told us in His word,

– We will see Him pour out revelation and encouragement that will go beyond what we expect,

– His love will be lavished upon us as we honor Him through how we show each other love and respect,

– As we continue life dating as singles let us do so in a way that shows God how much we trust and love him,

– We will then see how a foundation of friendship encourages purity and purity encourages genuine agape love,

– We build that foundation on the rock vs. sinking sand that the world’s ideas and passions provide,

– This love has the foundation to build a passionate love affair that goes on until we leave this Earth,

– The three commitments that I have established I do so to step out in deeper faith before the Lord,

– We need each other as brothers and sisters in Christ as we go through the journey of life,

– Let us choose to be an overwhelming source of mutual encouragement and blessing to the opposite sex,

– Not looking further than today for the treasure of the altar that so many run after passionately,

– We are not even guaranteed life tomorrow,

– Let us remember that and serve our creator well today, and if we wake tomorrow try to repeat that process,

– I am focused on preparing my field for an abundant harvest,

– When the Lord chooses to bring the rain I believe that it will wash over me like a pure shower of love,

– Until then I am committed to leading my heart so I can continue to encourage and honor all women,

– In the process ensuring that I guard their hearts as Jesus desires us to do,

– I pray I might be used to teach others the blessing of leading your heart as my testimony continues…


God bless,


* feel free to contact me personally with any questions or comments.

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