Reviewing Tommy Tenney’s ‘God Chasers’


‘God Chasers’ by Tommy Tenney

Tenney very nicely defines the line between the lukewarm and the ‘hungry’ in the Church, and why being hungry usually stands in contrast to ‘complacency.’ Perpetually hungering for the presence of God and being pursuant of Heaven can and will change how the church functions, and Tenney addresses this with passion.

For a flourishing Church and a flourishing personal relationship with God, this is a suggested selection.

Grade- A


-How long has it been since your mere presence in a room caused people to say, I’ve got to get right with God?”Pg. 79

Whether this statement ruffles feathers about what God’s people are capable of or not, I would charge you to consider the lives/ministries of the Acts church (Paul, Peter, Timothy, etc.). To Tenney’s point, our commission has instructed us to preach the gospel to everyone and operate in the power of His Holy Spirit; that’s more than sufficient in encouraging and convicting those we come across to shed their old way of doing things and put on the way of righteousness. (Ephesians 4:24).

-When more of our flesh dies, more of our spirit lives. – Pg. 107

-He can only come close to you to the degree you are willing to die.- Pg. 141

Dying to oneself, according to Tenney, is the basic 101 course in Chasing God. Experiencing God is directly proportional with refusing your flesh. Mark 4:24 reads: “Pay close attention to what you hear. The closer you listen, the more understanding you will be given-and you will receive even more.” (ESV) Pursuing God requires a lot of things, like obedience, sacrifice, discipline and time! Perhaps the greatest challenge in dying to oneself is carving out sufficient time for God amidst daily concerns and worries of the world and the flesh.

-No true revival has ever occurred simply because people sought revival. They were birthed when people sought him. – If you can hold it, then “it ain’t revival.” If you can control it, then “it ain’t revival either.” – Pg. 161

This is a wonderful reminder for those expectant revivalists out there! Ushering revival into your church body is directly dependent on your motive for seeking it. Tenney explains that when it comes (revival) it can’t be manipulated or regulated; the spontaneity of the Holy Spirit cannot be scheduled or structured, it’s wholly up to God.

-Joe Sharp – LWPC Founder, Author, Speaker, Coach and Entrepreneur