leaders who open doors, leadership empowerment during employee transitions

The Power of Leaders Who Open Doors

leaders who open doors, leadership empowerment during employee transitions

Do you like to help people pursue their dreams in life? Have you ever had to cover for team members who left the organization unexpectedly?

Over the years, I have been fortunate to run a successful company for well over a decade. Through that time, I have been able to help many people progress in their careers while building their skills. I have had many people leave my firm over the years too. More than I would have ever predicted.

Initially, I found myself hurt, disappointed and frustrated. I felt like many people were not honest with me, and did not maintain open lines of communication with me. Many times a simple conversation could have changed things (or at least I thought). Sometimes, local competitors had recruiting firms call to allure key staff away from our organization.

Honestly, it hurt every time an employee left.Thankfully, God has helped me learn and grow from this to have an exciting new lease on life as an entrepreneur and leader. Today, I would like to share with you some of the greatest HR insights I have learned during my leadership years, so it can benefit your business and career.

Fruit Found in Doors that Open Up

I was watching a DVD series from Mike Bickel (www.mikebickel.org), the founder of IHOP.  Although the series does not solely focus on leadership, it reminded of something that has been a real game changer for me as a leader (in terms of my outlook and the confidence I can instill within others on my team).

I was reminded that when people leave your team, you shouldn’t look at them as prized possessions that have wronged you. They are people who you helped prepare to take steps forward, and pursue their dreams. It really isn’t a cute statement. I believe it is full of honest wisdom where the rubber meets the road. Look at your relationship. Think about how you have both benefited the clients that you have served, and realize the opportunities for growth that you have given one another. Many times you created an opportunity for your employees to prepare for future career dreams. How can you not see your relationship as a success? You were an integral brick in their life path as they pursued their career dreams and aspirations. As a leader/manager, you had a unique role to play within their life; joy is easy to find with the right perspective.

Fruit Found in Doors that People Open for Others

I have learned something else after seeing team members leave, and working through numerous staffing transitions. A successful team starts with a culture of discipline, but only stays successful by keeping the right people. It first starts with making sure you have a culture of discipline built within your team. You do so by only keeping the right people on your bus. Sometimes you need to make tough decisions, or ones that are not popular. However, it maintains respect and ensures that discipline and work ethic remain intact. If you have the right people within your organization, you will go much further in the end than raw talent alone can take your group.

The byproduct of this culture of discipline is that you can give people more freedom to experiment and find their own best path to achieve successful results. See page 200 of the book – Good to Great, if you would like more detail on this topic. It is a great read for any business person.

I came to these realizations after struggling to hold on to past work relationships when unexpected transitions occurred. I exhausted myself emotionally. Nothing is more precious to any of us, than how we spend our time in life. I learned that my leadership energy could be spent in a more positive way. Thankfully, that lesson now guides me through any seasons of change within my team. I continue to work towards a bigger future for everyone around me. I still care as much about each person on my teams as I did when I first started my business. However, my perspective is different. I am able to use my leadership energy to create a greater impact, while preparing for the future. I pray that you can learn from my misspent energy, so you harness the power of being a leader who opens doors as your business and career continues.
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