What Does Golf have to do with Decision Making?

I know, another sports metaphor. This one’s pretty good though so read on.

Picture yourself standing on the first tee. It’s a new day, fresh start. You’re optimistic. Maybe this will be the one. The day I break a hundred, or 90, or 80. Whatever that big dream is that’ll give you bragging rights until the next round.

Now Picture that huge decision that’s lurking large in front of you. The options are as wide as the fairway, or maybe narrow like the landing area. Whatever it is, it could change your life forever, or at least the foreseeable future. (fore: pun intended). What club should I use? Driver, if I can bear a possible hook or slice and still be in play.  If that decision lands in the right spot, now I can play with a shorter club, less risky. Maybe it’s a one club choice on that par 3 and I just need to hit the green before the next move.  It’s much easier to putt than chip and I can get a little closer to the hole, my objective.  It’ll be one step more in line with that big dream. On in two and one putt is still a par though, so if I come up short there’s still a chance to save it. Don’t be hard on yourself. Re-assess and always be moving forward.

What about that fairway trap, or water along the left side? How about the sand around the green? What if I hit it long and into the hazard? So many ways to get it wrong but if I don’t persist what’s the point?

All the decisions we make in life have risk involved. None are a sure thing, even the simple ones. But as you decide to take action on those dreams and pursue the “better” life (however you define that) you’ll have the necessary clubs in the bag to advance the ball. Get to a place that’s one step closer to fulfilling your life’s purpose.

It really is about advancing the ball. Advancing the dream. Being intentional day in and day out. So the hacker muffs one off the tee but then hits a solid 3 wood into the middle of the fairway. That’s life. He can still meet HIS objective. Maybe it’s double bogie for the hole for him and birdie for you. Work at the pace and talent level that God gave you. You’re a unique creature. Celebrate that and set the mark.

God gave you an “authentic swing” as Bagger Vance mused. You may have lost it or you may not have found it yet. But it’s out there.  No, it’s in there. Right inside of you.

Jeremiah 29:11 says “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Your creator has given you a built in “Authentic Swing” different than all others. Go for it.

Steve Adams, Business & Life Coach