What’s Your Story?

The Speed of Love

– Life can tend to fly by so quickly without us realizing it…

– Are you going through the motions in life?

– What if you were giving everything you had in life today?

– What if you reached into the heart of another each day?

– What if you became all you were meant to be?

– Are you willing to step out in faith no matter what?

– I believe there is so much to learn from life stories…

– Are you really sharing your own life story?

I am amazed by how much you can learn when you simply listen to the heart of another person. For those of us in this world that are not short on words, we can learn much from that concept. I know I can. Certainly, there is so much to learn from the sage advice of those that have lived decades beyond what you have. We can learn so much from walking through a cemetery and hearing the cries of stories lost, accomplished and desired. We simply have to be willing to stop and listen. We can soar to new heights of learning when we talk to someone that is staring death in the face. We can learn again what we lost so long ago when we are stirred by the freshness and vigor of a child as they live life in a way that adult’s seem to have forgotten.

If I look at one of the most meaningful parts of my life, it has certainly been the people I have met. Many times it was people that I met in ways so beautifully unexpected. I was moved to write this because of someone’s story this evening that I was graced with. I was reminded of how wonderful it is to take time to smell the roses and to allow life to continue at its torrid pace while you give undivided attention to another person without any hesitation. I am sure I only reached the tip of the iceberg of her story. I am sure that there is so much more. What I heard this evening was much deeper than I ever imagined. I count it is a blessing to learn from the life story of another through lending them an ear and heart of compassion. I can respect and admire someone that has faced a litany of adversity and overcame it. I believe it is our personal struggles, trials and tribulations in life that teach us the most. I can look at my own life and validate that.

It is very easy for anyone to see that the world is dynamically divided on spiritual views. I believe that the majority consensus in the United States is that “religious people” as viewed by the culture need to uphold some higher standard of living in which sin and character failure are impossible. I believe it is the call of all Christians to passionately strive to live a life that produces fruit and showers the world with unexpected and humble blessing instead of injecting pain into it. They should strive to not live a life full of hypocrisy that caters to their selfish desires or those of their peers that seek to impose themselves on us and our lives. That does not mean however that any person, including a Christian, is incapable of sin, wrong doing or character failure. Right there is truly where the beauty of God’s forgiveness and love for the world shows its face. It is the simple fact that proves how as a human race we need God so much, and always will until the end of existence as we know it on Earth.

What’s Your Story?

In truth, we can learn from each person’s story. Don’t be afraid to share yours! So please share yours with the world with a sense of passion and openness not merely through your words; but through your actions, your essence, how you listen, how you show compassion and how you display a zeal you bring forth in how you enjoy being alive. You never know who is listening to your story or who will be impacted for the rest of their lives by it as the seasons of life continue.

* Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

God bless,


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