gods promises, promises from God

When You Need a Promise in Life…

gods promises, promises from God

Let’s face it…life is tough! We all feel powerful emotions at times that can grip us in ways that can consume us (including our thoughts).

We can feel guilty, dejected, despair, disappointment, depressed, attacked, anxious, full of longing, sick, impatient,, confused, tempted, weak and afraid to name a few. So many times in life we are in great need emotionally, physically, and mentally.

We are in need of a promise of hope, joy, peace, love and goodness to abound in our lives or those we care about most. I am so thankful that God has offered us such great promises that he communicates through the bible. His promises are ones we can count on at all times. Many times we simply need to own them through genuine faith that believes God for what He has promised.

God is not in the God of the past in which these promises were only valid during the times the bible was written. God is unchangeable. He is the same God then as he is now, and the same God he will always be throughout all generations he brings into existence before his return. People, cultures, and societies might change, but God is unshakable. For that very reason, I can look at my own life and see how seizing and truly believing in God’s promises has altered my life forever in magical ways despite the realities of adversity I faced.

Sadly, many people I know hold on to the promises of people or groups in their lives only to be let down throughout their life. I am not suggesting that we should not put any trust in people, nor am I am not suggesting God is our genie in the bottle. I am simply affirming through my own life that trusting in God’s promises will always be our wisest, most life-giving path. Though this is not an exhaustive list from the bible, I wanted to share a tool with you that has over one hundred promises from God that we can harness, embrace and apply to our lives. I pray God’s Holy Spirit will fill you and show you God’s best for your life friend.

Feel free to download The God’s Promises Tool , and feel free to share it with others you care about.

God bless,


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