Why Should Your Compass Point North?

Why Should You Point Your Compass North?

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Have you ever felt like you don’t know which way is up in life? Do you feel lost, and wish you knew which way to go next? If so, keep reading…

When you bring your dreams before God and truly desire His help, you have access to the heavenly Father. His compass will always point northward.

With God, you can live with purpose instead of being swayed by emotions and circumstance. If you let yourself be swayed by circumstance, you will find the turbulent winds of life blowing you to and fro. But when you seek God’s input, even though the winds may blow, your compass will only ever point one direction: north. I can personally testify to that. Beauty in daily living is harvested when you fix your eyes due north. Following God will help you navigate life.

Sea Captains and Loyal Crew Members

A deep sea fisherman trusts his captain with his life. He relies on his captain’s knowledge and counts on his leadership. If violent swells, gales and other unexpected turmoil arise, having the right captain makes all the difference.

Conversely, a captain desires  loyal crew members on his fishing vessel. He must know that his crew will be faithful when they face any adversity at sea, no matter the outcome. God doesn’t expect us to be successful, only faithful. He wants us to be faithful and come to Him in our pain, with our dreams, our burdens: with all of the tough circumstances of life.

We can experience the same good leadership without stepping foot on a fishing boat. It requires surrendering our need for control each day, and trusting that God is more than capable to handle anything we face. When God is at the helm, we travel north. A ship can’t have two captains, so why do we try and fight Him so often?

God can captain our ship like no other. He will always choose to love us, no matter what we do. He simply asks us to confess our wrongdoings, and come to His open arms. He is the captain that always welcomes back each crew member who has a willing heart to serve Him again. He is the true depiction of unconditional love, and I for one am so thankful that He is willing to help us navigate life.

So what direction is your compass in life pointing today, friend? If it isn’t pointing north, I’d love to hear from you about your situation, so I could encourage you to shift your direction northward!

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