A Tender Man

A tender man

If you said “yes” to any of the above

questions keep reading …

  • Are you a man that desires to understand how to be both strong and tender?
  • Men, would you desire to be encouraged today in your ability to love a woman well?
  • Women, would you like to be encouraged through insights from a man’s heart?
  • Do you feel you have something to learn about love?

– It doesn’t take long to recognize the differences between the genders,

– Nor does it to witness the uniqueness of each person,

– Though we are all made in God’s image,

– Typically when we think of women and men,

– We think of strength and tenderness respectively,

– As defining characteristics we grow to expect,

– I am glad that is not always where truth stops,

– As there is even more beauty in the melting of those two in either gender,

– Perhaps even more notable when found within men?

– Though I suspect it is more existent than shown,

– Because it requires vulnerability and transparency,

– As well as the ability to embrace both,

– I have fortunately seen that ability become a desire,

– A passionate one that yearns to feel and express emotion,

– For the intimate blessing that it truly is each day,

– I now see tears as a gift from God,

– Simply because you can continue to have life full of deep expression,

– They become drops of flowing emotion that display your heart to the world,

– Leaving a lasting impact that only you can leave,

– Even the manliest man can exhibit more than mere strength and brawn,

– True strength is found in tenderness,

– It all begins with a willingness to grow in love,

– Men let us bask in the truth that God is a willing teacher,

– One that yearns to help us understand there is nothing greater than love,

– I am eternally grateful Lord that despite the circumstances of life, you helped me become a tender man…

God bless,


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