The Reality of Truth and Falsehood

The difference between truth and falseness in life, truth, falseness

Let’s face it there is much in this world that gets our attention. A question we rarely ask is do the right things / people have our attention? I have heard it said and agree that what gets our attention leads to our direction in life, and our direction in life leads us to our destination (if we like it or not).

Many times we end of places in life that we don’t want to be at, and we look back somehow in disbelief that we got ourselves there. I am sure (like me), you have made choices you regret, or met people you wish you didn’t meet. If we had a chance we would make these decisions in life differently wouldn’t we my friend?

I have recently given a lot of thought in regards to the paradigm shifts I see in our world. I have also been dwelling upon what is truth and false as life as we know it rolls on. For those of us who have lived atleast say three or more decades, I am confident our eyes have seen the same shifts in society, though perhaps you haven’t given it much thought. There is so much that is sadly becoming widely acceptable in society that would have never been prior. For those that lived through the most recent decades, I am sure they can echo that sentiment after reading this non-exclusive list of shifts:

1. Divorce – is now widely creating negative, generational shockwaves in a population majority.

2. Pornography – is increasingly embraced by both genders, and seen as not directly hurting others, while it is a massive industry that exploits and erodes our moral fabric.

3. Reality TV Shows – are being perceived as reality even more so in an upcoming generation that sadly lacks a reality check in part because of bad parenting and a lack of fathers who lead well in their families.

4. Media/Advertising as Teacher – is becoming an acceptable teacher for our children while their young minds are being shaped. These very minds will be leading our future nation though they are being polluted as we speak.

5. “Spiritual but not Religious” – is becoming the position of spiritual wisdom, strength and truth in the most powerful nations like the USA, though it contradicts the very stance of the founding fathers of our nation.

6. Definition of Success – an increasing stance in the world is that a successful life is measured by the accumulation of wealth and socio-economic position.

7. Government – the world continues in increasing fashion to believe government can provide the best solutions to growing deficits and recessions instead of a nationwide shift towards values, ethics and morality within each person (who desires personal accountability in life) to becoming a part of the true solution.

8. The News – our society is becoming increasing, mentally saturated with the belief that our news reports actually speak truth each day.

Clearly there is so much more that you or I could add to this list including sexual preferences/orientation, abortion, etc. However, rather than exhausting your attention today doing that, I will leave you with an insight to ponder on:

“Even when truth is not accepted by anyone it is still true. However, when falseness is embraced by everyone, it still does not make it true, nor will it ever become true”.

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