Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth

Did you ever hear someone say something that simply stuck with you? I recently heard such a statement, and it’s actually the very title of this post.

I recently heard this statement as I listened to a leader in my life whom I admire, Raymond Harrison. I’m pretty confident that it isn’t something he created, but it really stuck with me and inspired me to share it with you today.

It is said that any truly successful public speaker is able to engage their audience in such a way that they will leave the venue or meeting place and remember at least one important sound bite that could make an impact on their lives. I believe that Pastor Ray’s recent statement can do that very thing for you today.

“Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth”

Simple Truth – Unpacking the Statement

I would venture to say that in many nations today, including America, the bible is something that is fairly common. I am not implying that most people know the Bible, I simply am stating the fact that many people have heard of the Bible. It also isn’t too hard to imagine that with today’s culture which regularly challenges biblical thinking by way of new, free thinking mantras and monikers, that what people do with this incomparable world resource varies quite a bit. Some people say it was a good book written by men to help people. Others might agree but say it lacks relevance today. Some say it is divinely inspired. Others feel it is a man-made scam.

This is what the acronym that Raymond Harrison shared recently meant in its simplest form:

B – Basic

I – Instructions

B – Before

L – Leaving

E – Earth

Until about ten years ago, I was someone that fit into the rather large category of people that know of this world resource, but applied very little of its wisdom in my life. Speaking of my journey, God changed everything about a decade ago, on 11/25/04. If you want to know about my journey please read: My Life Changing Back Story. Since God changed my life forever, he has helped me to understand that the bible isn’t simply a good book that was written a couple thousand years ago that lacks full relevance for today’s world. It is actually the opposite of that.

In the Light Ministries

Truth isn’t always popular, but truth will never be false, and false things in this world will never be true, even if we want to act like they are. My prayer is that you might be challenged to open up a copy of the bible or go online to various free Bible sites like Bible Gateway and start wherever you like. I believe that if you start with the book of Proverbs and John you will find in no time the truth of Pastor Ray’s comments that the Bible is truly in existence to be an amazing resource for our daily lives, and it offers us basic instructions before leaving Earth! Any member of our team would love to discuss what you learn, so feel free to contact us and share your experiences…

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