Demystifying Being Born Again

What does it actually mean to be born again? There is so much animosity and misunderstanding towards this concept and phrase today. My goal today is to present some food for thought as you reflect on what you know and personally believe about this topic. I have a passion to share what has been revealed to me during my life, because for many years I remained with a lack of understanding and perspective on this very subject.

Sadly, many times what becomes the fuel for the animosity that is projected towards those that consider themselves born again, is how seemingly comfortable some Christians can be about living a life full of hypocrisy. In doing so, they magnify the confusion of the world that takes notice of their lives. Not simply because their actions and words do not always line up.

No, moreover they do so because these individuals find a peace in only speaking their beliefs while consistently and blatantly disregarding what they know God desires for their lives. They can and should be held accountable, not because of any incongruency in their words and actions, but because they do not struggle within their spirit in the midst of this hypocrisy. A safe question to ask is: are these individuals actually born again? Let’s break down the mystification that surrounds this subject, so you can decide for yourself my friend.

6 Ways to Understand Being Truly Born Again:

Being Born Again, Understanding Being Born Again

1. God is changing the person from the inside out – the way they think, speak, and live is dynamically changing as seen by the world around you.

2. You desperately want to live in a new way – you are compelled towards doing the right thing (as clearly outlined b God in the bible).

3. You view the world through different eyes – you see what is broken in this world (lack of values, the reality of sin, how our world values what opposes God) and you become increasingly not ok with it because of God’s, Holy Spirit, that is continually speaking within you as your great counselor throughout your life.

4. You are more aware of God’s best for you – and you are even more so sensitive to knowing when you or others are living against God’s will because it is holding you (or them) back from his best.

5. You are physically burdened by what is contrary to God – you feel pain and it hurts you when you see people acting/living with a lack of love for one another (be it actions and/or words).

6. You are driven to pursue a new purpose in life – you have a new direction and lease on life. You see this world as a temporary existence compared to an eternal future in heaven, and because of that you want to love God by understanding and fulfilling his unique purposes for your lie with all your mind, heart and strength.

I truly believe all people are hungry to live a life of purpose. Since all humans are made in God’s image, subconsciously we yearn to be born again. However, there is a lot holding people back from stepping towards our creator to create this change in us. Many times it is from a lack of understanding, mystification from cultural influence or misguided traditions passed down, etc.

For those who are born again, we become committed to a message and ministry of reconciliation. We become in effect ambassadors for God to the world around us. It is by God’s grace and love alone that we can be born again my friend. It is not by our human deeds / good works. We are God’s workmanship, created to do God’s good work that he prepared in advance for us to do…

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