Married for Life

– Marriage is meant to stand for a lot in reality if we look at God’s standards,
Married for Life

– It used to do just that if we look back into our not too distant history,

– Sadly today the erosion of the family unit and marriage is staggering,

– We trade patience for anger,

– Kindness for being rude to our loved one,

– Sadly we record a record of wrongs and many times are self seeking,

– Though this was the person that we stood before at an alter not too long ago,
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Stop the insanity!!! – Why you should never do a free proposal again…


Have you ever tried not doing that? If not, keep reading…

    * Do you ever feel like you waste so much time and money chasing down new business just so you can keep your bills paid and staff busy?
    * Do you ever feel frustrated doing bids, RFP’s, RFQ’s, or RF-Whatevers?

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Leading Your Heart


– The world wants us to believe that we have a new way to fulfill the desires of our heart,

– I watch the passionate pursuit in the eyes and the actions of so many singles,

– Marching on like soldiers going into a battle that they believe in fighting for,

– Men and women in nobility wearing their hearts on their sleeves believing that an aura of honor surrounds them,
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