Become a Defender of the Weak

I certainly hope all of us in the world could relate to one thing. I would like to believe that within each human a span of heartfelt emotions would rise up when we see or interact with those who are in dire straits and great need. Privileged nations such as the United States have in many ways become blinded by a middle class that groans for more yet lives like royalty as you survey the entire planet. Each person has been created in the image of their creator, however was given no choice in the time, place or socio-economic status they were born into.

When was the last time that you made a real sacrifice to profoundly reach out to someone’s heart that didn’t expect it, yet desperately needed it?
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The Speed of Love

– I have been blessed to travel around the world early in life,

The Speed of Love

– Today’s technology driven world makes it much easier to travel across continents in a blazing pace,

– Though as I have traveled I found it hasn’t been the places that were most impressive,

– Nor was it merely the amazing people I have met that have become appointments from God,

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Is Chivalry Really Lost from our Hearts Men?

– The knights of old came to the rescue of the damsels in distress,

chivalry kiss hand

– Sadly, that distress has been replaced by a new one that is the seeming void of chivalry in our society today,

– Whatever happened to the soda fountain of the 50’s and a time when courting was “normal”?

– Believe me I know personally how warped and changed the dating world is today,

– Marriages and relationships are full of new and many times sad expectations,
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The Only True Soul Mate

– The concept of soul mates has traveled long and far,
soul mate1

– Winding itself through the very fabric of our society,

– So many humans believe in ‘soul mates’,

– Some even believe they have found theirs in marriage,

– However I am gripped by a powerful question,

– That echoes throughout my being like an earthquake throughout the Grand Canyon,

– Can another person truly know the depths of our soul? Continue reading