The Dream of Every Business Owner and Entrepreneur

What is your biggest motivation for running your business? Who or what matters most to you? What are you looking to provide for and protect?

This post will help you connect with the reason behind these questions. The answers link to something that I call “Your Why Network.” They become the people, forces, and deep-seeded reasons that fuel your entrepreneurial vision.

For those who will answer these questions, it’s my hope that they will become better prepared for a future of deeper purpose and see their future as brighter than any season in their past.

Furthermore, the person who seeks to answer these questions through intentional meditation, prayer and reflection, will find that God will help them to hear His heart as it relates to their why network, and His plan and direction for both their personal and professional lives. He has divine purposes and missions for each person and desires for each of us to partner with Him to be become all He fashioned us to be.

A Link Between Intrapreneurs and Entrepreneurs

Most people in business (or even if you are not in business) know what an entrepreneur is. However, I find many people do not know about the Intrapreneur, though both are very powerful individuals that are essential in building thriving companies that are self-managing (more on that later). Below are a few definitions from that explain some perspectives on what an Intranpreneur is.

Intrapreneur (noun)

  1. An employee of a large corporation who is given freedom and financial support to create new products, services, systems, etc., and does not have to follow the corporation’s usual routines or protocols.
  2. A person who while remaining within a larger organization uses entrepreneurial skills to develop a new product or line of business as a subsidiary of the organization.

Personally, my definition would be slightly different. The bolded words in each of the two definitions would better isolate what is at the heart of an Intrapreneur. They are key team members (or even perhaps people promoted to minor partner roles) within your business that are given freedom and permission to think (and function) “entrepreneurially.” They do so in a constructive manner that fuels the vision of the entrepreneur(s) of the respective organization who typically serves as senior partner or original owner(s) of a small business. They think well beyond that of a typical employee and because of their allotted freedom, permission and responsibility they are given, they partner with the entrepreneur to go to greater heights.

The biggest difference is that entrepreneurs are calculated risk takers who do not entertain fear, while Intrapreneurs tend to desire to take on risks in partnership with entrepreneurs (and their resources) so their personal liability is minimized. Two of my partners within one of my firms, a full-service Internet Marketing agency – Sharp Innovations, Inc., fit this Intrapreneurial profile beautifully.

So now you understand what and Intrapreneur is. Now, what and why the heck should you care about them? Feel free to contact any of the business/life coaches with Live with Purpose Coaching to discuss your specific situation. We specialize in helping entrepreneurial teams in this manner.

Defining the 4 Types of Entrepreneurs

Though we could write separate posts on each one, we wanted to define four distinct types of entrepreneurs we have witnessed and worked with, as we look at one goal that they all share.

1. The Survival Entrepreneur

  • Someone who is self-employed, but basically has created a “job.”
  • Their business doesn’t work for them
  • They rarely take off the time they desire, and they lack the total freedom they desire

 2. The Achievement Entrepreneur

  • Typically focused on achieving new sales/financial goals, measures of growth or other quantifiable goals.
  • Achievement is generally how they measure success and derive a sense of self-worth.
  • Can be a good thing if achievements are used to bless the world in a greater measure vs. always chasing materialistic value and a false sense of self-worth.

 3. The Lifestyle Entrepreneur (Many of our clients)

  • Their businesses work for them to support the lifestyle/balance they desire.
  • The quality of life for their family and living out their dreams is paramount.
  • Personal and professional freedom and passion to live out one’s calling is highly valued.
  • Leaving a legacy by focusing on investing in and influencing greater numbers of people is a key driver for them.

4. The Kingdom Entrepreneur

•   The kingdom entrepreneur is one who channels his/her entrepreneurial efforts to the betterment of the Kingdom. This is an entrepreneur rooted in holiness and is following a sacred charge for their business and lifestyle alike.

Main difference: The other two (achievement & lifestyle) might provide fulfillment but for the Kingdom Entrepreneur, deepening life’s lasting purpose and running the race well will drive their heart, soul and Spirit.

  • They focus most on living a life legacy and purpose focused on pleasing God. They model this by how they live.
  • Their WHY network is focused on pointing people to the cross of Calvary, since they view eternal life as more valuable not only for them, but those they touch in life.

The Biggest Dream of All Types of Entrepreneurs

We also find that all entrepreneurs share one thing in common, though many might not be able to put it into worlds. They desire to run and own Self-Managing companies.

We find that if you keep selling simply and over-delivering to your clients, and you approach business from a position of service, or “servanthood,” you will be amazed over time. Furthermore, living as a Lifestyle or Kingdom Entrepreneur that operates out of an increasing focus on their areas of passion and unique abilities is a big key to building or re-positioning your company(s) to reach this entrepreneurial dream status. It is beautiful to personally experience and see our clients put this into practice and achieve what seemed impossible before.

 The Self-Managing Company……The True Goal of any Successful Entrepreneur

  • They are any thriving company/organization which makes it possible for you to focus on the part of the organization that’s fun for you and aligns with your passions, unique abilities and calling! You work on your business, not in your business!
  • Growth directly corresponds with how free the entrepreneur can become. It increases freedom, income and quality of life for the entrepreneur and their family.
  • Having a 10x vision and 10x goals actually makes it easier to build a Self-Managing Company. You perpetually create ambitious goals that inspire others!
  • The Self-Managing Company allows an entrepreneur to be freer to impact the Kingdom or their community and world by living out God’s best for their lives as they walk into each season.

So, as you consider the 4 types of Entrepreneurs, which one are you? Which one do you desire to become? We would love to speak with you if you want help making this entrepreneurial shift into self-managing companies.

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-By Joe Sharp – International Business & Life Coach, Founder- Live With Purpose Coaching, LLC