The Power in Being Present Each Day!

being present

If you said “yes” to any of the above questions keep reading …

  • Does your life seem like it is flying by and you don’t know where the time is going?

  • Is technology or social media communications overwhelming you?
  • Do you desire to achieve better balance in your life each day?

Technology has brought wonderful changes into to our world. It has opened doors that people couldn’t even conceptualize in the last century. Our world has always been, and I am sure will remain, dynamically changing through each generation of life that God grants to the human race. But as in many areas of life, you need to take the good with the bad.

The technology revolution we live in has posed new challenges for the world. I have seen it affect people of all roles and backgrounds. However, I believe business owners, leaders and highly social/networked professionals pay the price the most. To be truthful, I believe we should go one step further and add significant others and family members of those individuals as well. It is important to assess how you participate or interact with mobile phones, mobile devices, the internet, social media sites, web-based chat, etc. The purpose of this article is not to say that you should be a stick in the mud and resist technology. Rather, I am challenging you to take the power back, counter the negatives of this revolution and implement practical changes so you live a life of better balance and peace.

The Past, Present and Future

Though there is much to learn from the past, I believe many of us spend our mental energy in either the present or future as we are going through the choices, activities and actions of each day. Dwelling on the past can bring about fearful, regretful or depressive thoughts that can overwhelm an individual, though focusing on the unknowns or the desires of the future can create a steady sense of anxiety within a person as well. So what is a person to do? I believe a key to living in a state of happiness, fulfillment and purpose is to live a well balanced day, then wake up each new day that God gives you repeating the same process. It might sound like a simple concept, though if you are honest with yourself, you might agree that putting this concept into practice can be a challenge. God has something to tell us about this as well:

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

Matthew 6:34 (NIV)

Live One Balanced Day

To live one well balanced day, it is helpful to spend time in what I call “the 4 quadrants”: spiritual, physical, emotional and mental states. You need to be intentional about dedicating time to do the things each day that truly bring balance, energy, harmony and peace into your life. Some examples might include exercising daily, getting adequate sleep, eating properly, having a meaningful conversation with another, enjoying a hobby or passion or simply spending time in quiet reflection, prayer or meditation. Now, I am not saying that perhaps all of those elements would interest you or even be possible during a given day because of the demands of life. Instead, I am encouraging you to look at the things that would activate balance, energy, harmony and peace in your life. Furthermore, I want you to then take these aspects of life seriously enough to be intentional about incorporating them into your life. You will find if you even spend a small but consistent amount of time each day doing these things, they can give you a new lease on life.

Take Back The Power! How to Combat Negative Technology Influences

Though there are endless possibilities in how you can combat negative technology influences for your business and/or life balance, the following ideas are designed to encourage you in taking the first steps:

  • You do not need e-mail access on your mobile phone as a business leader.
  • Turn off your mobile phones in meetings and focus on being present.
  • Turn off your mobile phones or computers on vacations (or better yet, don’t bring them at all).
  • Turn off your home computer certain evenings and leave the Internet behind.
  • Be intentional about limiting time spent on your Blackberry, iPhone or mobile device(s).

Ways to Counter Technology Use

Again, though there are myriad ways to counter technology with a focus on balance between your business and your life, the following ideas are designed to encourage you in taking the first steps:

  • Take offsite retreats or getaways (personal and business) from the confines of your home or office – It could be part of a day, an entire day or multiple days. Pick a place that activates your energy and minimizes distractions from the world that knows you.
  • Spend quality time with deep relationships in your life where you focus on active listening.
  • Yoga – beyond its physical benefits, you can definitely achieve a sense of tranquility and calmness any day.
  • Massage – a great way to detach from the world and relieve tension.
  • Exercise – a great way to both release and restore energy and to promote a healthy life-style.
  • Prayer – I believe nothing can bring deeper, truer peace than an active prayer life and relationship with God.
  • Meditation/quiet time – Being still and reflecting on one particular aspect of life for an extended time is challenging and can bring forth insights and power, even more so when done within the daily storms in life.

I know the demands of our families, careers and lives vary as we go through the seasons. But I am sure if you are reflective and committed to embracing these concepts, you can determine the changes you need to make in life to bring about balance and live in the present. For those of us who are planners, I encourage you to stop detailing everything in your life and welcome the beauty that is found in the unknown. That magic is a daily gift from God, so I encourage you to join me in opening new eyes of curiosity about the world around you. I pray you can live as the real, authentic person you were made to be more each day by focusing on being present and waking up tomorrow to repeat the process.

I help my coaching clients focus on matters like these so they can see their business become more efficient, profitable and scalable, if desired. I also help them achieve better balance professionally and personally so they can see their business truly work to support their life purpose and vision. If you want to find out more about how this could be leveraged in your world, or if you want to discuss a business problem you are facing, feel free to contact me or call me at 717-615-2274.You are also welcome to share this article or other resources found on my blog ( Feel free to contact me if you or an associate would like to join my blog or receive this article as a PDF.

God bless,