The Voice of Unity

team and world unity - unity of the body of christ

If you said “yes” to any of the above questions keep reading …

  • Have you ever been discouraged by the lack of unity in marriages, churches, families, communities or businesses?

  • Have you ever been inspired by game changers like Martin Luther King?
  • Have you ever felt rejected by a church or Christians?
  • Do you desire your business and/or personal life to better stand on the firm foundation of unity?

I have been disappointed many times in recent years as I have seen such a growing deterioration of the bond of unity within marriages, families, churches, business and communities. Though it is one of many sources, the media has clearly been a major contributor to this societal erosion. We now see professional actors, athletes and other celebrities that make outrageous earnings handle their success horribly. Our youth look up to these individuals that in many cases are far from role models. Our society seems to strive for materialistic gain like never before to develop their sense of worth and in doing so many times disregard the importance of unity no matter how meaningful the relationships are in their lives.

I hope this article speaks to the hearts of everyone who has had a negative experience in visiting a new church that made them feel less than welcomed, or with Christians that presented themselves as holier than thou because of the differences between their church and yours. I also pray it challenges and spurs on all Christians no matter what church they go to so they can passionately seek bonds of unity with their relationships and lives. If you think this article is simply for the church going folk, you are dead wrong. We all have meaningful relationships in our lives that are clearly not thriving on a base of unity. I believe everyone can take encouragement from this poem and apply it to their closest relationships, how they approach them and their outlook in life as a whole…

The Voice of Unity

– The lack of unity has devastating effects on the world,

– Political, economic, social and religious walls paralyze nations,

– Even as humans hide behind those false senses of security,

– Fortunately there is real power found in unity,

– Enough to move the seemingly immovable forces of today,

– Strong marriages consumed by reciprocal, unconditional love and respect set a redeeming example that echos throughout all they touch,

– Underdog teams that do the unthinkable becoming dark horse champions can rally cities, states and nations,

– Respected leaders in all spheres of worldly impact become so by creating a unified front, cause or purpose,

– Let us not forget about our revolutionary nation that was without a doubt founded on the rock,

– God has told us in his word that the unity of the spirit is found through the bond of peace and love,

– Too often the church is far from unified,

– And in saying that I certainly do not wish for that meaning to link us to the buildings we think of as church,

– It might affect them in obvious and ongoing ways,

– I however wish to look to a broader landscape,

– To denominations that have became man made instruments that have stripped unity and done much worse including pushing people away from God’s love,

– Power struggles between evangelical and charismatic believers has allowed dissension to protrude evasively into God’s family,

– We need to passionately take back the power found through God’s grace, his love and a genuine relationship with Him that forever changes our lives,

– Lest us never again forget that we are a family,

– Man was made in God’s image for a clear purpose,

– God has clearly stated in his word that there is one Lord, one faith, one God and father of all,

– That will never change no matter how corrupt and misguided man drives the human race,

– We need to ask God for courage to do what is needed like Martin Luther King did by following through on his dreams,

– Even if it cost his own life in the name of purpose, passion, love and unity,

– I appeal to you to become a game changer for our world now and all future generations to come,

– The choices you make and the life you uniquely live have eternal impact, please never doubt that,

– God please show us all how to become the voice of unity that you sent Jesus into the world to start…

Christians please understand that God doesn’t care what the name of your church is or what denomination it is. He doesn’t care about what type of music you play, what the size or your church is, what spiritual gifts your teaching focuses on, what mode of baptism you conduct or the details of your weekly organized church bulletins. God does desire your love and worship and together as God’s family we all can bring together our differences in a solid, unified voice. God’s family (all Christian churches who live to serve the one true God, the God of the bible) has been directed by God to be built on the bonds of love and unity in all areas of their lives. When this happens it draws people closer to God instead of pushing them away. As a Christian, I personally have been discouraged by the growing lack of unity within churches across our country. There seems to be a struggle for power between evangelical Christians and charismatic Christians even more than ever as we compare today to our history. The body is built of many spiritual gifts and they all work together for a purpose. You can read 1 Corinthians Chapter 12 and other scriptures to hear God’s clear voice on that topic.

I can really understand people who are skeptical of following God because of all of the bickering and disagreement that is communicated between churches that feel the way they roll on Sunday is the only way. Who wants to be a part of another dysfunctional family beyond their immediate family on Earth who many times brings them plenty of drama already? God desires a relationship with us, and for your ability to live for his glory by loving everyone around you. You can do that by passionately fighting to maintain the voice of unity within your marriage, family, friendships, business, church and community.

Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, will you join me today in seeking God for help so your life is one that is rooted in the cause of unity?

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