Coming Up for a Breath of Freedom

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Have you ever taken in a breath of true freedom? Do you want to? It is available for those who are truly willing.

Recently, I found myself on a bus with my group from Hope International in the Dominican Republic to see their ministry firsthand. As we traveled I was doing something I do a lot: write. I rocked out to my iPod and poured out my heart on paper. As we got close to our dinner destination, I felt the Holy Spirit tug on my heart to share what I was writing at our sharing time so it could be used as a blessing to those around me. It is truly amazing how God reveals more as we obey His promptings and then uses us for His glory if we are obedient and willing.

The woman in the picture above depicts what I wrote my poem about: the ability to breathe in more than the mere oxygen our lungs need to operate.

I pray God will show you how the Holy Spirit of God can teach you how to breathe in a remarkably different fashion than what we are accustomed to as humans. We can breathe, live and walk with God in full freedom. Not because of anything we have done (or will do), but because He offers this powerful gift to us because of His love and grace. The Holy Spirit is our active help in our time of need. The Holy Spirit can guide and direct our lives in a magical way. God offers life and life to the full (John 10:10b). This picture of life is one full of ultimate freedom, peace and contentment. I desire that for you not just today, but all of the days that you are given.

Coming Up for a Breath of Freedom

Oh children why do we look in all the wrong places
For what truly nourishes and sustains?
We are all made in His image,
We all know there is an originating source,
One that is the wellspring of life itself,
The One who created all gave birth to contentment,
So in Him is where we will find it.
He loves us dearly.
He is the Great Promise Keeper,
At war against the great deceiver,
Who tells us what we want to hear
As he seeks to lie, kill, steal and destroy.

If we could see life itself as an ocean,
We would surely find ourselves in moments of desperation,
Frantically grasping for a breath of air.
How silly that is,
Knowing that there is One ultimately far greater,
The Creator of the ocean of life,
Whose presence can be our help in our time of need,
We are not alone,
We never have been friendless.
God is inviting us to rise up,
Not merely for the essential need for oxygen,
No. For something that lasts forever.
It’s found in His love,
In our heart responding to His,
So we can find ourselves coming up for a breath of freedom…

If you want to understand how to connect deeply with the Holy Spirit, I would love to personally speak with you. Feel free to contact me and share your story with me. So, are you ready to take your next breath of freedom?

God bless,


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