Reviewing Tommy Tenney’s ‘God Chasers’


‘God Chasers’ by Tommy Tenney

Tenney very nicely defines the line between the lukewarm and the ‘hungry’ in the Church, and why being hungry usually stands in contrast to ‘complacency.’ Perpetually hungering for the presence of God and being pursuant of Heaven can and will change how the church functions, and Tenney addresses this with passion.

For a flourishing Church and a flourishing personal relationship with God, this is a suggested selection.

Grade- A


-How long has it been since your mere presence in a room caused people to say, I’ve got to get right with God?”Pg. 79

Whether this statement ruffles feathers about what God’s people are capable of or not, I would charge you to consider the lives/ministries of the Acts church (Paul, Peter, Timothy, etc.). To Tenney’s point, our commission has instructed us to preach the gospel to everyone and operate in the power of His Holy Spirit; that’s more than sufficient in encouraging and convicting those we come across to shed their old way of doing things and put on the way of righteousness. (Ephesians 4:24).
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Traveling Wisdom Found at the Cove and the Beautiful South

Do you know about God or do you really know God? Recently, I traveled through WV and NC and I reflected on just that question.

Before we get too far into the question above, I wanted to share some morsels that I gleaned as I traveled through the beautiful south with my wife, Jen, best friend Michael, and his wife Nicole.

Recently, I heard a story of a very healthy and fit woman who was 39 who simply died of a massive heart attack. My wife baby-sat her children in the past. It was a sad reminder of how precious life is, and we should NEVER take life for granted.

I realized that way too many couples don’t allow themselves enough time to get away and re-charge their batteries. They allow the pressures of family and life in general to give them reasons why they can’t reserve valuable, quality time. If it has been too long for you and your spouse since you have taken a getaway (even if  it’s a long weekend), I challenge you to spend time planning your next excursion today.
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Spirit Wars – A Review


Spirit Wars- ‘Winning the Invisible Battle against Sin and the Enemy’- Kris Vallatton

This book has so many memorable quotes and paradigm shifting truths that you may want to have a pen and pad handy! It’s a top 10 selection for readers who wish to uncover their true identity and have a greater understanding of how spiritual warfare works.

The church must hear and comprehend this message in order to become fully alive.


Grade- A

 Some tidbits:

The Kingdom of Darkness’ best kept secret: In Paul’s words, “I am no longer doing it, but sin which dwells in me.” (Romans 7:17) Keeping Christians in the dark with this fact about sin is a ploy that’s overused by the Kingdom of Darkness, but unfortunately highly effective. Paul’s point in Romans 7 is that the flesh and the Spirit are so very separate and voluntary membership to ‘the way of flesh’ countermands the presence and purpose of the Spirit!

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From a Corroded Car Battery to Lighting up the World

So I’m prepping for that power breakfast of whey protein, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, almond milk, Mrs. Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar (really good for you) and a shot of BCAA’s.Don’t ask.A little overkill. Then God downloads this analogy contrasting a corroded car battery and life. Where did that come from? Rhetorical question.Holy Spirit!

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What Does Golf have to do with Decision Making?

I know, another sports metaphor. This one’s pretty good though so read on.

Picture yourself standing on the first tee. It’s a new day, fresh start. You’re optimistic. Maybe this will be the one. The day I break a hundred, or 90, or 80. Whatever that big dream is that’ll give you bragging rights until the next round.

Now Picture that huge decision that’s lurking large in front of you. The options are as wide as the fairway, or maybe narrow like the landing area. Whatever it is, it could change your life forever, or at least the foreseeable future. (fore: pun intended). What club should I use? Driver, if I can bear a possible hook or slice and still be in play.  If that decision lands in the right spot, now I can play with a shorter club, less risky. Maybe it’s a one club choice on that par 3 and I just need to hit the green before the next move.  It’s much easier to putt than chip and I can get a little closer to the hole, my objective.  It’ll be one step more in line with that big dream. On in two and one putt is still a par though, so if I come up short there’s still a chance to save it. Don’t be hard on yourself. Re-assess and always be moving forward.

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Applying the ‘Golden Rule’ in our Conversations

“Do to others as you would have them do to you.” Luke 6:31 (NIV)

The Golden Rule sounds basic enough and pretty elementary to put into effect. It’s so universal that it’s even widely applied in some form in a non-Christian context, mainly because of its truth and power as a method, both personally and corporately. But how do we actually apply this rule in our relationships, and more specifically, our conversations?

The first step in achieving this, I believe, is understanding the spiritual principle of doing to others as you would have them do to you: Dying to yourself. At the center of understanding and practicing this principle is the realization that you were NOT designed to be at the center of your relationships and conversations. This implies selflessness, humility and obedience.
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