A Trip of a Lifetime to India

Recently, I made my first trip to the country of India. It was truly a trip of a lifetime!

I have traveled all around the world and have been on some amazing adventures. However, this one was one of spiritual, personal and professional magnitude well beyond anything I could have hoped for. I pray my highlights are an encouragement to you as you consider your travel goals and dreams in life.

I was able to gain greater experience on Dream Interpretation through Kristi Graner of Dare to Believe. Her ministry was inspired by John Paul Jack’s organization – Streams Ministries. I was also able to grow in my experience with SOZO (Inner Healing / Deliverance) ministry. You can find out more at: http://bethelsozo.com/.
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The Women Men Should Embrace

 Are you interested in being reminded about the type of woman who holds true beauty?

 I am reminded of what our nation honored not so long ago. The picture of this woman is well known from several decades go – Audry Hepburn. I chose her because she was someone who was in the spotlight and garnered a lot of public scrutiny. However, what was captured and thus conveyed by media and the world  then was full of purity, modesty and true beauty.

Today our world is flipped upside down when it comes to marriage, love, attraction and sexuality. At best, many people (married or single) can’t see clearly and are desperately searching for their glasses so their true sight can be restored. I, for one, burn to see the hearts of our society become radically transformed so we value what we used to. In doing so we could see the relationships of the world changed in a wonderful way. This poem I share to encourage you this day that you may become a part of that change!
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Peace Found in Walking by the Spirit

Are you in the search of peace in your life? If you will join me in living in a courageously different way, you will find it…

I have two very personal stories that help to articulate a principle of living differently than most people, and how true peace can be found in that. Each story does not inherently contain any special power, but examining the story  behind the story in each case can unveil some true wisdom that I’ll attempt to explain today.

My goal is that you can learn from my stories and apply this new way of living to any struggles, challenges, adversities, fear, doubt or worries that you may have in life. If not now, when they next come in life, may your response be on that is mindful of the story behind each of the stories. May your life become blessed because of your courage to live differently!
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Walking Out Your Amazing Future – Book Review: 20,000 Days and Counting

unconditional love, being ready to love, unexpected love

Do you know how many days you have lived? How many more do you think you have? Would you like your future to be brighter?

Recently I completed reading a book that I really enjoyed and believe can help those who are serious about being a life-long learner, constantly growing in life, and want their future to be brighter than their past. The book was: 20,000 Days and Counting by Robert D. Smith. Robert is the beloved behind the scenes manager for best-selling author, speaker and comedian, Andy Andrews.

If you don’t know how many days you have lived, you can find out for free quickly on the author’s website – http://www.therobertd.com/. I strongly recommend you do so, because it will set the stage for the rest of the wisdom I share through this blog post on behalf of the author. I have yet to live 20,000 days as the author has.  I have lived 12,717. However, the principles apply to each of us no matter how long we have lived to date.
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