The Doctrine of Equality?

Joe D'Orsie

I’m not one to hide in the corner on social issues in the Church; I think social issues are important, I do however practice what I call “spiritual tact,” which can be applied when I simply discern that speaking the truth can sometimes divide and invite the spirit of offense to a conversation with someone that can’t handle it (meaning they would be tempted to argue, bicker, or take offense). So because many times I don’t’ feel such conversations are productive, I choose not to start them or add to them. (“If a wise person goes to court with a fool, the fool rages and scoffs, and there is no peace” Proverbs 29:9) With that said, I did want to share some thoughts on a cultural phenomenon that I see as problem, if we’re not careful.

Truth is truth, and truth is the person of Jesus. This truth doesn’t evolve alongside cultural trends or social ‘progression.’ Like a hero in the faith, Philip Mantofa, puts it, “I don’t want to be politically correct, the line has been drawn in the sand, Jesus is the only way, I’m willing to die for this statement, but how do you convey the way but through love.”
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Your Best Life Found through Crazy Love

Do you believe you could find your best life now through radical, crazy love? If so, keep reading…

In the last year I went through a lion share of this book in a men’s group that I was in: Crazy Love, by Francis Chan. It was the second book I read by the author, and it was as phenomenal as was his other work. I’ve had the privilege of seeing him speak as well and see that he is a very gifted and anointed man of God.
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How Sheep Form Exceptional Business Leaders

Did you ever meet a leader that seemed to inspire and challenge everyone around them?

Recently, I read a great book that was easy to read and very engrossing to me as a business owner, leader and coach, called: The Way of the Shepherd.
It’s beautifully articulated by Dr. Kevin Leman and William Pentak.

Ironically, this phenomenal business leadership book was lent to me by Phil Hernandez, who is the senior pastor at In the Light Ministries, and an empowered shepherd. I find that in this fast-paced cynical culture we live in one wouldn’t typically expect to accrue such practical business and career wisdom from a spiritual leadership source.
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My Mission to Mozambique, Africa – Growing Through the Unknowns in Life

Jamaica mission trips, serving in Jamaica

In November 2012, I was in Mozambique, Africa on a short term mission. Our team learned some amazing lessons about how one grows through the “unknowns” in life!

We have all experienced unknown events in our life, or have walked forward into a situation in life that was full of unknowns. Part of the mystery of life is that there is a God, and you or I are not Him!

My team of roughly thirty people from all around the world came with an agenda (a plan formed in our subconscious), and I believe though some of those expectations might have been met, what actually happened in our time together was eye opening, stretching, growing  and unifying because of the unexpected events that occurred. I wanted to share some of the biggest highlights that hit me personally and speak to the voice of unity that we all faced during this amazing adventure of love and hope in Mozambique, Africa!
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2013 – Things to STOP Doing and Power Walking!

unconditional love, being ready to love, unexpected love

Do you do New Year’s Resolutions? Did you ever create a list of things to “stop” doing in your new year?

I have always been someone that is goal-oriented with foresight to apply the future to the current. It’s no surprise that my career and life is focused on helping people to plan goals, walk into their future with greater confidence, and to take action on their dreams.

Recently, I went through my process of reviewing the past year, looking at my dreams and the brutal facts of my 2012, so that I could assess where change is needed for 2013. Though I created 54 resolutions in 10 areas of life, what I seek to share with you today is two new insights that remain vivid in my mind.
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Life Changing Insights from the Go-Giver

unconditional love, being ready to love, unexpected love

Did you ever start a client meeting with how could I help you? Recently, I read a great book that was easy to read, but very impactful called: The Go-Giver.

In a fast paced business world, I find the world focused much more on receiving than giving. As I post this near Christmas time, it might be a season in which we are able to focus on giving more naturally. However, what would our lives and businesses looked liked if we focused on it much more through the entire year as we walked forward?

Today, I would like to share my review of this book with you, and encourage you to read the entire book. It is a very quick read and a memorable one. The authors also wrote two other related books that are on my list – “Go-Givers Sell More” and “It’s Not About You”. If you are desiring to grow as a leader and/or grow as a sales/marketing professional next year, I believe they would be great reads as well for you!
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