A Story I’m Dying to Tell

unconditional love, being ready to love, unexpected love

Did you ever hear a story that you were dying to tell? Two weeks ago on a run, I was reminded of one I was dying to tell.

Sharing stories with the world around us can be one of the most powerful communication tools. As I grow in my early public speaking career, I am reminded of how much power clearly and passionately sharing stories can have on the hearts, minds and souls of my audience. It can change their lives.

Igniting a Heart Spark

unconditional love, being ready to love, unexpected love

Did you ever feel like you actually felt a spark of sorts in your heart emotionally speaking? I call it a “heart spark”.

Recently, I have been reading content and meditating on the notion of a heart spark. It is a phrase that musicians like Big Daddy Weave in “Love Come to Life” and many others have used within their lyrics to bring out the beauty of the emotions created when true love is shown in the world.

I want to challenge and encourage you today to never forget how much power we have within us each day. We can change people lives for the better by showing love intentionally while creating a heart spark. In this post, I will share some practical examples of doing just that!

A Day with God

unconditional love, being ready to love, unexpected love

Did you ever spend an entire day with God? Recently, I challenged myself to do just that, and was truly blessed.

In the past year or so, I have wrestled with the question of how one connects more deeply with God. I believe the answer is found in taking ourselves to a place where we experience our need for Him more. I don’t believe there is one way to go about doing so, but for me I have found that intentionally sacrificing time (example: a work day during the middle of the week when there is great need for you to be working), hiking outside in His creation, fasting, reading, prayer walks, praying, meditating, and journaling have all been great approaches to better posture myself to hear His still small voice.

The Reverse Ground Hog Day Effect

unconditional love, being ready to love, unexpected love

Have you seen the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray? Did you ever feel like you could relate to his character?

Recently, I found myself reflecting on some new ways to help people gain clarity and courage in taking action on their unique dreams in life. I wanted to share one of them that I created during the development of an upcoming 10-week DVD / study guide resource for small groups called Pursuing Your Dreams Through God’s Eyes.

The concept I am sharing today is something I call The Reverse Groundhog Day Effect. I’d like to say it is the antidote to Bill Murray’s daily debacle in the movie. Kind of like if Superman had an antidote to Kryptonite. I might be too late for Clarke Kent, but hopefully not for you today, friend!

Turning Trash into Dreams & Treasure on a Global Basis

Jamaica mission trips, serving in Jamaica

Recently, I was in the Dominican Republic on a HOPE International Dream Trip. The people I met amazed me; they were literally turning trash into dreams and treasure on a global basis.

HOPE International is the non-profit, micro-financing organization that I partner with through my book, Running Down Your Dreams. 10% of proceeds from the book go to fuel the dreams of the poor globally. I was able to see their organization in action with one of their partner organizations, Esperanza International. I was blessed to meet many people whose dreams touched my heart. Their faith in God and their courage to pursue their dreams with a humble heart and limited means was inspirational.
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Coming Up for a Breath of Freedom

unconditional love, being ready to love, unexpected love

Have you ever taken in a breath of true freedom? Do you want to? It is available for those who are truly willing.

Recently, I found myself on a bus with my group from Hope International in the Dominican Republic to see their ministry firsthand. As we traveled I was doing something I do a lot: write. I rocked out to my iPod and poured out my heart on paper. As we got close to our dinner destination, I felt the Holy Spirit tug on my heart to share what I was writing at our sharing time so it could be used as a blessing to those around me. It is truly amazing how God reveals more as we obey His promptings and then uses us for His glory if we are obedient and willing.

The woman in the picture above depicts what I wrote my poem about: the ability to breathe in more than the mere oxygen our lungs need to operate.
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