The Reality of Truth and Falsehood

The difference between truth and falseness in life, truth, falseness

Let’s face it there is much in this world that gets our attention. A question we rarely ask is do the right things / people have our attention? I have heard it said and agree that what gets our attention leads to our direction in life, and our direction in life leads us to our destination (if we like it or not).

Many times we end of places in life that we don’t want to be at, and we look back somehow in disbelief that we got ourselves there. I am sure (like me), you have made choices you regret, or met people you wish you didn’t meet. If we had a chance we would make these decisions in life differently wouldn’t we my friend?
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Demystifying Being Born Again

What does it actually mean to be born again? There is so much animosity and misunderstanding towards this concept and phrase today. My goal today is to present some food for thought as you reflect on what you know and personally believe about this topic. I have a passion to share what has been revealed to me during my life, because for many years I remained with a lack of understanding and perspective on this very subject.

Sadly, many times what becomes the fuel for the animosity that is projected towards those that consider themselves born again, is how seemingly comfortable some Christians can be about living a life full of hypocrisy. In doing so, they magnify the confusion of the world that takes notice of their lives. Not simply because their actions and words do not always line up.
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A Story of Restoration and Reconciliation

It is an all too common reality today that our marriage and romantic dating relationships become just like the picture frame in this post my friend. Nobody ever buys a broken frame, anymore than they desire their heart to be broken, life altered in a miserable way or to become divorced.

Our post-modern world today is way too often ready to smash the frame that represents their lives if it doesn’t meet their selfish needs and desires. It is known fact that all people can become easily selfish. However our culture today promotes having everything your way in life like our life is one Ground Hog Day like trip through Burger King.
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